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  • Company
  • Wood flour
  • Bamboo fiber
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  • Care in handling
  • Fiber-Technik could share with natural fiber's

    responsibility for the global environment improvement.




    Key material for WPC(Wood plastic Composites)

    Wood flour ( Natural polymer ) characteristics and plastic ( synthetic polymer ) characteristics combined as that its pros and cons could be produced  a better product ( WPC ) And it can contribute to the plastic consumption reduction also to the plastic waste reduction, consequently it could be charged a part of the protection of global environment.    

    1-1. Light filler

    The mineral powder is widely used as the plastic filler for the purpose of strength increase and deformation prevention,

    but wood flour is as the plastic filler can have another function because it is much lighter  than mineral filler.

    → Transportation / fuel cost reduction, easy work for construction

    1-2. Recyclability, durability

    While the water resistance and recyclability of the plastic being  not rotting on the moisture and recycle possibles.

    1-3. Natural degradability

    WPC disposal through a padding is easy due to the corrosive of the wood flour decomposes WPC.

    1-4. Richness of resources

    Most fillers are minerals, but wood flour comes from trees, so by-product wood and waste wood can be used in addition to natural wood.

    WPC application field

    Construction material

    Deck, Flooring, Siding,

    Board, Fence


    Door panel, Rear shelf,

    Covering shelf, Truck trim


    Container inside, Truck inside,


    WPC except field

    3-1. Light filler

    Rubber filler, Urethan-leather, Asphalt filler.

    3-2. The property which it does not go out well, if the fire catches

    Fireworks, Explosive blasting fuse, mosquito smoker, welding rod.

    3-3. Water absorption and fementation delay property

    (smell interception in the excrement fementation and organic fertilizer)

    Livestock bed, pet animal bed, Seed coating (moisture retention & Germination protection)

    3-4. Oil absorption, Abrasiveness, Insulation

    Oil remover, Fur washing agent, metal polish, electrical fitting.

    3-5. Cellulose field

    Feed staff, animal medicine, Dietary, Filtration, Paper & pulp, Adhesive supplement.

    Suitable wood flour for WPC

    Aspect for wood like

    · In order to express the shape of the tree species / grain / pattern / color etc. pelletized wood flour on compounding process is applied.

    · Mainly using bright and fine grains.

    · It is applied for skin layer for multi-layer extrusion

    Physical property is required

    · The physical property is increased the wood flour of the coarse particle is much used as possible.

    · According to the machine, the pelletized compound is used or wood flour itself is directly used.

    · It is applied for core layer for multi-extrusion.

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